New features and changes in 2018!

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  • More senior age groups!

To make peer comparisons easier, new age groups have been added to the older end of the spectrum - M/N35, M/N45, M/N55, M/N65 and M/N75. With these additions there are 17 age groups for men and 17 for women - no other cycling series in Estonia has this many.

  • A new track with a climb!
The sixth stage of the series will take place in Maardu where the riders will have to tackle Ülgase hill, one of North Estonia's most difficult climbs. It'll be thrilling!
  • A new cycling+running classification for triathletes!
Even though there will be no separate award ceremony for this classification, the cycling+running classification is aimed at triathletes competing in both sports. Every participant's results in cycling and running will be added together for informational purposes.
  • Slight changes in the race day schedule!
 The start times for cyclists will shift from 17:00-19:30 t0 17:15-19:45. For runners the start will be open for 20 minutes - from 19:50 to 20:10. As runners start the race in intervals of 15 seconds, there is enough time to accommodate 80 participants. Should there be more than 80 runners, the starting period will be extended as necessary.
  • Changes in the Kullapada awards programme!

In 2017 the Kullapada was the joint awards programme of the Filter Time Trial Cup and the Filter Road Cup, but in 2018 it will only include the Filter Time Trial Cup and the Filter Road Runs. To receive a prize, participants must complete either all cycling races or all road runs. To avoid confusion, participating in a mix of cycling and running events will not count. Additionally, in order to prioritise the quality of the prizes over the quantity, there will be no double entries this year and every participant will receive only one prize.